Container Cottage

2 – 20Ft (16' x 20', total 320 Sq Ft) shipping containers makes an excellent backyard guesthouse or your cottage in the woods, however you see it, it will make a very cheap alternative to frame buildings.
Besides been fireproof, hurricane and earthquake proof it’s also burglarproof if you use the steel cutouts from windows and doors as shutters to secure your cottage while away.

Those 20 foot containers could be converted and assembled in the driveway or backyard of your home and later transported to it’s final destination.

By using shipping containers you can own a cottage in an affordable way, after the foundation is made and placing the containers on the foundation, there is a tailor-made shelter to move into, all it needs is to make them livable, on the other hand, you can build your entire cottage in your home back yard and ship the components which are regular converted 8x20' or 40' containers, and transport them to your foundation at the cottage site.

The same counts for a lot in the city, you don’t have to pay $350+ a Sq. Ft. in construction.
With containers you don’t have to pay for expensive contractors who charge you an arm and a leg.


Container House Plans

16 foot x 20 foot Cottage.

Two 20' (320 Sq Ft) shipping containers makes an excellent cottage in the woods or an backyard guesthouse..

1120 Sq Ft. 7 x 20 footers.

All original plans can be modified to suit your property, lifestyle and requirements or..

2 floors 1280 Sq. Ft.

With a footprint of only 640 Sq Ft, utilizing 8 20 foot shipping containers.

7 20 foot shipping containers.

These 7- 8’x20’ containers can be placed on footing blocks under each container corner or a full basement.

1280 Sq Ft container home, utilizing 4 - 40'

Option of 2 homes on 1 lot (semi detached)

Building with Containers; Low Cost - High Strength
Building with containers

Full containers are heading all over the world, but there’s nothing to put in them for the return trip.


Tailor-made or of the shelve container homes .

Just an overview what the possibilities are.

Home away from home.

With time and effort your container home or cottage will be a home to be proud of.

Containers, Art studios,
or Luxury apartments?

They are ideal for living space, office and workspace, student or artist housing.

Spray Foam/Polyurethane Foam

Prevent rust with high
insulating factors.

Ceramic and stucco insulation
Ceramic and stucco insulation

perlite, vermiculite, lava rock or glass micro spheres

Moving your container home

Much easier is calling a container transporter, load your whole house on the trailer and a drop-off at your new foundation.